New brand identity

When 9:10 Publishing launched in 2012 it was a very quiet affair. No pomp,  no ceremony, we just…launched.

Almost three years and two books later we are very pleased to be able to make a bit more noise as we launch our new brand identity, expertly created by Rachel Lawston at Lawston Design.



Colourwise, we’ve stayed with the monochrome, and opted for a fresh light blue, with a slightly paler shade of blue for contrast. Our strapline has been changed very slightly in order to fit with the new graphic style. Our letterhead and compliment slips are fabulously bold and make a great statement about who we are and what we stand for.

In order to cater for a range of print scenarios our Brand Identity Guidelines document (see below) outlines how our logo and strapline should be used in order to ensure accurate and consistent use.

We cannot thank Rachel enough for the attention to detail, the advice and guidance and as usual, the efficiency with which she has created our new brand identity.